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Artist & Producer Reports Improved Vision

For Artists, vision is one of the most important senses. From painting a picture to creating music, having proper visual abilities is crucial when creating. Without it, an artist can run into some potential roadblocks that may affect their abilities to create or produce. But for one Grand Rapids artist, they can confidently report that their visual skills are no longer slowing them down!

Before the COIVD pandemic, Artist, DJ, and Producer Faren Strnad performed all around the country at some of the largest festivals with world-renowned production companies, quickly growing into a well-known artist. Although COVID might have slowed down her ability to perform live, it did not stop her from progressing in her own life and career. During the pandemic, Faren used the extra time to address a lifelong visual problem.

Faren struggled with something called Diplopia, also known as frequent double vision. As an artist, this created some serious difficulties for her when performing. As she put it, “… I distinctly recall with each blink, my eyes became deviated, and there was a slow, gradual slide of images…”

Knowing her double vision was something she needed to address, Faren took the time to seek help during the COVID pandemic and ultimately chose Wow Vision Therapy to treat her double vision.

Wow Vision Therapy is a Vision Therapy practice located in West Michigan. There, they treat several different vision conditions that affect children, teens, and adults. Through developmental and rehabilitative vision therapy, Wow Vision Therapy was able to work with Faren every week to address the root cause of her double vision to help her excel even further in her personal and professional life.

While at Vision Therapy, Faren worked with Certified-Optometric Vision Therapist Collin. When reporting her experience with him, Faren said, “Collin, my therapist, was invaluable to my training – a wealth of knowledge interwoven with genuine empathy, sincerity, and passion. He believed in me, which helped me believe in myself. His deep knowledge of vision and ability to break down information helped empower me to do what was needed to execute proper vision skills confidently. Collin worked tirelessly on my regimen, tracking my progress and creating my lesson plans. It was encouraging to see the measurable successes each week.”

When asking Faren about her overall experience, she reported, “My time here at Wow Vision Therapy has added only but goodness and richness to my life. I am forever thankful for the therapy I received and blessed by the success that I’ve accomplished. Though the double vision wasn’t enjoyable, the therapy truly was – to the extent that I actually looked forward to my weekly appointments.

I can now go the entire day without double vision, without straining and finding ways to compensate for the debilitation. With each blink comes a crisp unified vision. That in itself is one of the greatest wins, which translates into a seemingly infinite flood of successes.

I can work more efficiently on the computer, and my click-precision is effortless. My hand-eye coordination is stronger, and my movements are more confident, especially useful when DJing. Using touch screens such as my phone, iPad, etc., has become noticeably easier as well.

I’m now able to make and sustain meaningful eye contact with people again. I can remember the names of the people I meet better and place them with faces.

I was able to triple my reading speed while at the same time actually increasing my comprehension. Instead of reading and examining word by word, I now am able to scan through sentences and examine the concepts as a whole. Reading is now less strenuous and tiresome. I’m able to process information more efficiently, making reading as a whole more enjoyable.”

Overall, Faren was happy to report that “Life is clearer in general. Instead of a constant blur, impending split images, and overall visual fatigue… I now see clearly, crisply, and comfortably. I see all of life’s fine details and can examine and appreciate them fully. My overall quality of life has improved immensely. Seeing is no longer exhausting but now an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

I would highly recommend WOW Vision Therapy to anyone struggling with their vision.”


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