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Abigail enjoys reading again and focuses better in school!

When I was younger I used to love school and reading, but when I was in third grade things started to get tough. Last summer I discovered a problem and it was my eyes. My grades were going down, my reading level wasn’t that great, and I had headaches when I had to read. When I would try to read at night the words would get blurry or double and I would fall asleep. It was so hard!

But since vision therapy started I began to see lots of changes happen with my eyes. Such as being able to look crossed-eyed again, learning to love reading more, and getting better grades in school. Vision therapy was fun but also hard at the beginning. I learned to like it more and also how to focus my eyes.

Now that I am graduating from vision therapy, I am excited that I am able to enjoy reading again and focus better in school. I loved my experience with vision therapy and I am so thankful that my doctor and therapist were able to fix my eyesight! – Abigail