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Where Better Performance is more than 20/20

Welcome to the WoW Vision Therapy Blog. This site was established to offer a venue for parents, teachers and anyone who is concerned with a child who may be struggling with a developmental vision problem.

Too often children (and adults too) suffer from undetected vision problems. These vision problems may be overlooked because the patient often hasåÊ normal 20/20 eyesight. Does this sound like a contradiction? Well, it is important to understand that good vision is more than good eyesight. The vision conditions and problems that affect a child’s perfomance are often developmental in nature and involve poor eye coordination skills, poor visual processing and/or poor visual integrative abilities. These visual conditions are described in more detail on the WoW Vision Therapy website.

A child who has a developmental vision problem is often assumed to be not trying hard enough. This child may display poor attention and concentration and thought to have Attention Deficit Disorder. These problems can result in a child who struggles in reading and frustrated when doing homework.

This Blog was established to make it easier for concerned parents, teachers and anyone who has an interest in having a forum to discuss these issues. To make it even more special, this Blog was established as a way for parents to engage in dialog with other parents who have had first hand experience. Our Guest Authors are concerned parents whose children were in vision therapy and have a passion for helping other parents understand what it was like to have vision therapy plus all of the many other issues that spin out of the topic of developmental vision and therapy.

It is my pleasure to recognize our Guest Authors:

  • Annette Siver
  • Lauren Strach
  • Deb Jacka
  • Joan Langmeyer

I hope you enjoy the WoW Vision Therapy Blog and will continue to return and participate in the discussions!

Happy Blogging!!

Dr. Dan Fortenbacher