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When Your Child Struggles…an excellent text on vision and learning


An excellent resource for parents and teachers is the book authored by Dr. David Cook, “When Your Child Struggles- The Myths of 20/20 Vision”.

Thus book provides a wealth of information that is easy to read and understand the connection between vision and learning. The author address’s 6 main areas that are often a concern of parents and teachers:

Why bright children can have normal eye sight and still have a vision problem leading to struggling performance in school.

How this can lead to frustration in homework that drags on when it should take only minutes.

How this leads to a child who starts off reading fine on the first few pages of a book and then starts to squirm and want to get away.

Why vision problems can lead to a child who has difficulty putting their thoughts down on paper even though he or she does well verbally.

How these problems can result in a child being labeled with “attention deficit” even though attention is good when listening rather than using their eyes.

How this can result in a child who has an eye that “drifts” or is lazy and affects depth perception, coordination as well as school work.

This and much more is found in this book. I would recommend this for all parents and teachers who are concerned about a child’s ability to effectively apply themselves.

You can obtain this book directly from the author Dr. David Cook or from Wow Vision Therapy.

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D.,FCOVD