Wow Vision Therapy Blog

Vision Impacts Several Areas of Life

Vision therapy has improved Sydney’s functioning in five areas: driving, sports, penmanship, reading in the car, and remembering the location of items.

Four-way stops and busy parking lots were difficult situations for Sydney. She did not seem to take in the whole picture quickly enough and needed extra time to make her decisions. Since her therapy at Wow Vision Therapy, she now drives effortlessly through busy intersections and in areas which she has never driven before. Traffic maneuvers are smooth and safe!

During horse competitions, she is hitting her destinations with complete accuracy, to use her trainer’s words: they are bionic! Prior to therapy, she was close but would slightly miss the target spot just enough so that she would get point reductions.

Cursive handwriting has improved from being illegible to now being very easy to read. The difference is amazing and she no longer complains of having to write, a huge improvement.

Reading in the car always brought on headaches for Sydney. However, after working with the wonderful staff at WOW, she is now able to do this without pain and discomfort.

Knowing where she had left items in the home was always a mystery before her WOW experience. Now, she is much more independent in her comings and goings as well as her overall daily organization.

Wow Vision Therapy has helped Sydney not only in all of these areas but also in her level of self- confidence. The staff was always pleasant and worked hard to reach the goals that had been set at the start. We are fortunate to have these services within driving distance!

– Lori (Mother)