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Research in Vision Therapy…Now with Open Access to All

OvdnewOne of the most exciting aspects within the field of optometry is the continual contributions made by optometrists and researchers.åÊ Their efforts create growth and advancements for the entire optometric profession.åÊ Specifically in the area of binocular vision, optometric professionals depend on the research and information presented in the Optometry and Vision DevelopmentåÊ(OVD) journal to stay current on issues and studies being conducted.åÊ The OVD is the official journal of the College of Optometrists in Vision DevelopmentåÊ(COVD), the international organization that board certifies optometrists and visionåÊ therapists in the areas of behavioral and developmental optometry.

The OVD has just become the first optometry journal world-wide to be accepted by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).åÊ The DOAJ provides access to international quality controlled journals.åÊ Dr. Dominick Maino, editor ofåÊ OVD notes that, “DOAJ wants to increase the visibility and ease of use of scientific and scholarly journals and to promote their overall positive affect upon the scientific and clinical care community.”åÊ Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, current president of COVD says, “OVD’s acceptance by this prestigious online directory recognizes the tremendous need for easy access by the world community for high quality articles concerning binocular vision, optometric vision therapy and vision development.”åÊ åÊExecutive Director of COVD, Ms. Pamela Happ, says that, “This singular honor recognizes COVD’s ongoing commitment to research and publication of an outstanding journal that is now easily available to an international audience of scholars, scientists, and clinicians.”

With some of the finest vision researchers contributing to the journal, clinicians all over the world will be able to access articles, increasing their awareness of current information within the behavioral and developmental field of optometry.

Lindsey Stull, OD