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‘My students now seem to be able to tell when I am looking at them’


Vision therapy isn’t just for children. In fact, vision therapy can actually be more effective for adult patients as older patients are typically more motivated in therapy, especially once they start seeing the results with their own eyes! Below, one teacher explains her results after vision therapy.

By: Mary (Patient)

I’ve discovered a whole new world around me. The awe I have for everything 3-D (trees, stairways, boardwalks, hallways, my hands typing on a keyboard) is a gift, which I hope I never take for granted. My mom, who is one of my great cheerleaders, wishes she could have done this for me as a child, but vision therapy wasn’t available back then.

Most people (including my students) now seem to be able to tell when I am looking at them, and that makes teaching a lot easier.

I have a much better appreciation of cars around me in parking lots and on the road; much better peripheral awareness!

My awareness of the left side of my upper body is so improved – I can see my left hand (along with my right hand) when I’m playing the piano! I don’t run into corners anymore. I never knew that I was missing so much body awareness; I never knew what I was not seeing.  

I can precisely touch small icons on computer displays to run programs; such near-point precision is really important these days with so many touch sensitive devices, and it used to be really tricky for me without any tactile clues, like bumps.

Vertigo is not nearly as much of a problem for me as it used to be. I walked on the edges of high cliffs in Ireland last summer and enjoyed the view! Imagine that!

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