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Logan’s Success Story

By: Logan’s Parents

Logan was struggling in school, and we had asked for him to be tested for Dyslexia or other learning disabilities by the school starting in 1st grade. With COVID and the school being shut down for his entire Kindergarten and most of the 1st grade, we were getting very worried about the lack of progress he was making. We were told they do not test until he is older and not to worry. 

In 2nd grade, we asked again and were told the same thing. So, at his wellness appointment, we asked his pediatrician if there was someplace we could go to get him tested for Dyslexia. We were told that we could, but there is a long waiting list. She was right we waited six months to get into the clinic to get him evaluated. We are so glad we did! We found out that not only was he having developmental dyslexia he was having visuospatial challenges. Logan was recommended to Wow Vision Therapy for an evaluation, where he was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, headaches, and hyperopia.

After this testing, the school still had to do its own testing to determine their own diagnosis. We had never heard of Vision Therapy before or what it really meant. We were looking at a process that we didn’t know much about. As we talked to teachers, counselors, and other school facilitators, no one could explain how this would benefit Logan and if they felt we should move forward. Finally, we decided to do it.

Logan’s first visit, we didn’t know what to expect, he went in and got to work with the VR. That was so exciting for him. However, he was so tired. He fell asleep on his way home.

The first homework he received was a string with balls on it. I remember thinking about what this could possibly do. Well, we soon discovered that he was seeing double, and that string helped him greatly. We had no idea until that moment he was seeing double.

After the weeks went on, he started getting less tired after the sessions and was gaining more speed on the homework lessons. His first checkup went well, and the school started making comments about how well he was doing. He came home one day, and the school had checked his reading level and he had gone from a Kindergarten level when we started to a 2.9 reading level, he was already almost to a third-grade reading level. We teared up!

What a success, and we were only halfway done.

We have been able to educate the school on what Vision Therapy is and how it benefits children like Logan. Logan has done so well he has inspired others to go to therapy from his school and get the help that they need. 

He has now finished his last therapy session and can read chapter books, he doesn’t mix up b,d, p, q anymore and is doing amazing. 

We could not be happier with his success and would recommend this to anyone that asks if they should try Vision Therapy. Our answer will always be yes. 

This has been a life changer for Logan.

Thank you to everyone that has worked with him and helped him. You are all amazing.


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