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Learning and Traveling at Ease After Vision Therapy

When a child’s eyes do not work together as a team, many day-to-day problems can occur. These problems range from difficulties in school to problems playing sports. And one of the ways a child’s eyes do not work together is with a condition called strabismus, also known as a crossed or turned eye. This condition commonly occurs with just one eye but can also occur with both eyes. Something our young patient, Will, had to deal with before coming to us for Vision Therapy.

Will was a six-year-old boy from Northern Indiana. As his Mom, Ryan, described him, “When most people look at Will, they smile. He is full of life and always on the go.”

Although Will was a positive and energetic young boy, he still struggled with those common day-to-day problems due to his strabismus. As his Mom put it, “When he was little, he was always walking into walls…” However, these clumsy behaviors didn’t stop Will. Just like many young boys, Will had no fear as he would always be jumping off things or engaging in risky stunts, as Mom put it.

Nonetheless, as Will grew older, these risky stunts continued and became dangerous in Mom’s eyes.

As Ryan’s concerns grew, she mentioned, “With zero depth perception, he didn’t know when cars were coming or going in a parking lot, couldn’t jump into a pool safely, or go on a beautiful hike with large drop-offs…”

Not only was Ryan concerned about Will’s adventurous side, but she also noticed that reading, writing, and learning became an issue too.

Searching to find a solution to fix Will’s vision problems, Ryan discovered Wow Vision Therapy in St. Joseph, Michigan.

At Vision Therapy, Will experienced a highly personalized approach to treat his vision conditions. Working one-on-one with one of the Vision Therapist’s, Miss Cheryl, Will started to see improvements and really enjoyed working with the team. As Ryan put in, “Will LOVED Miss Cheryl!!!” Will even went on to say, “She reads my mind.”

When asking Ryan how Will’s life has improved after Vision Therapy, she said, “His and our whole family’s lives have changed. No more puking on car rides, fighting about reading, and now we can go on all of the outdoor adventures we had always talked about as a family.”


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