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Her Double Vision Is No Longer a Learning Barrier

When a child struggles with Double Vision, many aspects of learning and play are affected. Things, like reading or catching a ball, are very challenging. This especially was the case for young Lily.

At ten years old, Lily had a tough time in school. As she put it, “Double Vision is hard to learn with…”. After seeing their child struggle visually, Lily’s parents found Wow Vision Therapy, and shortly after, they scheduled an appointment with the Grand Rapids team.

After her initial evaluation with Dr. Alyssa Bartolini, O.D., FCOVD, Lily, and her parents learned that she struggled with a severe binocular dysfunction known as Convergence Insufficiency (CI). In Lilly’s case, her severe form of CI gave her chronic double vision. 

During their exam with Dr. Alyssa, Lily’s parents’ learned that CI is an eye teaming disorder. This visual disorder made it difficult to effectively converge or align both eyes together to perform near oriented visual tasks, like reading, writing, or even catching a ball. After learning more about Lily’s diagnosis, Lily’s parents’ started her in Vision Therapy at Wow Vision Therapy. 

At Wow Vision Therapy, Lily was paired with Lauren, a Board-Certified Optometric Vision Therapist, who worked directly with Dr. Bartolini in Lily’s treatment plan.

After completing her vision therapy, Lily wrote a heartfelt story where she described Wow Vision Therapy as her “happy place.” She went on to say,” I love Wow Vision Therapy because I spent time with my favorite people. I got to play games and work on my eyes and see the doctors…When I walked in, I loved to see other kids working on their eyes too.”

More importantly, after Lily graduated from Wow Vision Therapy, she was happy to report that, “Vision therapy has helped me overcome my Double Vision!”

Disclaimer: The patient, parent or guardian in these stories authorized the use and disclosure of the patient’s name, photographic/video images, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and/or patient testimonial.


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