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Vision Therapy for Convergence Insufficiency Eliminates Daily Headaches!

Emily Ritchie Emily was having headaches almost daily, especially in the afternoons at school.åÊ We were very concerned about the headaches and also about her taking so much aspirin.åÊ We had taken her to the eye doctor a year or two ago and she had 20/20 vision.åÊ We decided to take her back to the eye doctor and discovered that she still had 20/20 vision, however her eyes were not adequately working together (convergence insufficiency) or focusing correctly (accommodative disorder).åÊ Dr. Montgomery recommended eye therapy so we made an appointment immediately and began eye therapy with Emily at WoW Vision Therapy.åÊ The headaches stopped after the first week!åÊ We also noticed that she was beginning to read more and for a longer period of time.åÊ In fact, she is now finishing chapter books where as before eye therapy she would read a few chapters and she was done with the book.åÊ Emily is less frustrated with homework, enjoys school more and her reading level has increased.åÊ We are extremely happy with the outcome that eye therapy has had on Emily.åÊ We are also glad that we chose to have her vision checked prior to taking her to a medical doctor for the headaches.åÊ Emily would have probably had unnecessary tests and would stillåÊbeåÊfighting the daily headaches.åÊ Thank you Jackie and Dr. Fortenbacher!

Stacy Ritchie, mother