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Convergence Insufficiency (CI) or more severe forms such as strabismus is not just “kid stuff”

Binocular vision problems like Convergence Insufficiency (CI) or more severe forms such as strabismus is not just “kid stuff”. It affects adults equally as well. The result of a binocular vision problem can have a serious impact on an adult’s quality of life including the fundamentals of reading or in the case of more advanced forms, lead to deficiencies in perception of 3-D vision.

In this VisionHelp Podcast Episode 2 you will hear from two of the world’s leading experts, Dr. Leonard J. Press and Dr.Susan Barry. VisionHelp Blogger and prolific author, Dr. Leonard Press, joins the program to discuss this years American Optometric Association (AOA) and presentations regarding 3D technologies and binocular vision.åÊåÊDr. Sue Barry, a professor of Neurobiology and author of the book, Fixing My Gaze a Scientist’s Journey into Seeing in Three Dimensions, discusses her history with Strabismus and how, through vision therapy, she was able to achieve stereopsis as an adult.

Convergence Insufficiency (CI)is an example of a non-strabismic binocular dysfunction that affects 1 in 12, but not Jacob…not anymore! In this video Jacob describes how he no longer has double vision or headaches with classroom reading, homework assignments and computer tasks.åÊ Better yet, he is now able to read in the car and not get sick! Vision therapy successfully treated Jacob’s binocular vision problem and thus he is on his way to having a great senior year in High School!

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD