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Advanced Amblyopia Treatment…better results at any age without patching

Drs. Fortenbacher, Stull and Tran presented a lecture to the Annual Michigan Vision Therapy Study Group on February 8, 2013 outlining the latest research in visual neuroscience and techniques to treat ambyopia regardless of age and without an emphasis on occlusion therapy (eye patching).


The lecture featured one of ouråÊadult patients, Emily who at age 18 is a bright and talented young lady. In her senior year of High School she is also on the school‰Ûªs swim team, a sport that she could excel, even with no depth perception. Yes, Emily‰Ûªs story begins with stereo blindness.


Like so many patients who begin with occlusion therapy, the outcomes areåÊoften limited to modest improvement in visual acuity in the amblyopic eye (lazy eye) and little or no depth perception, with usually significant resistance by the patient.

Emily was referred to Wow Vision Therapy by her primary care optometriståÊfor advanced amblyopia treatment, binocular vision therapy. åÊListen to Emily describe in her own words in this video entitled, Emily’s story.

To learn more details about the Advanced Amblyopia Treatment paradigm,åÊåÊyou can view the Wow Vision Therapy 2013MVTSG LectureåÊ-åÊAdvanced Amblyopia Treatment foråÊfaster and better outcomes, in a Slide Show video here:


The concluding 3 slides summarize the essense of the lecture




You can also download a pdf copy of Drs. Fortenbacher, Stull and Tran’s lecture by clicking here

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD