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Joey’s story – Success overcoming Convergence Insufficiency

Joey_schmidt_3 My husband and I realized about half way through first grade that our son Joey wasn’t reading like he should be.åÊ He did well with spelling and math but he struggled in reading.åÊ He was also reversing his letters quite frequently and we thought is was possible that he was dyslexic and started investigating the process for a diagnosis.

One day I was having a conversation with a collegue at work about my concern for Joey. She listened to my story and told me about her son who had similar problems until he had vision therapy. She recommended that we go to WoW Vision Therapy in Saint Joseph, Mi to have Joey tested because her son had gone through the program and had great results.

Joey’s examination withåÊDr. Dan FortenbacheråÊrevealed that he had problems with his eye coordination and focusing skills – a condition called convergence insufficiency and accommodative disorder.

After Joey had a diagnosis we were relieved that we had something tangible we could understand and work toward a goal.åÊ Before vision therapy Joey was seeing double and the letters were moving off the page when he tried to read.åÊ So, prior to vision therapy Joey tested at school below a first grade reading level. Now after he has completed vision therapy Joey is reading at third grade level and he continues to improve.

Joey is much more confident about his abilities!åÊ In baseball now and he is able to hit the ball more consistently and better than before.åÊ We’ve also noticed that his balance and the way his body moves are better.åÊ He is smooth and natural in his motions.åÊ We are so pleased with where Joey is now because we believe he will continue to improve in his reading and even more, he can realize his potential in everything he does.

Thank you to his vision therapists, Monica and Jackie, for all of your efforts to bring Joey to this level!

Deanna Schmidt, mother