Our Cause

Wow Vision Therapy is recognized as one of the leading developmental vision and rehabilitation specialty practices in the United States. Our Doctors, therapists and staff set out each day to help our patients acquire improved visual abilities. We take pride in delivering innovative personalized optometric vision therapy, applying the principles of neuroscience. As a result, our patients achieve better vision, improved academic abilities and coordination skills; which empowers and leads them towards greater confidence and more productive lives.


We specialize in treating binocular vision, developmental vision and rehabilitative visual deficiencies, through doctor supervised, office-based optometric vision therapy. Our approach is an individualized, one-to-one (therapist to patient), in-office program. Our doctors and therapists help our patients develop their vision abilities by utilizing innovative and advanced technology, woven into applications that transfer into the everyday lives of each patient. Our advanced approach incorporates coordinated movement, balance, auditory processing and cognitive abilities. This treatment protocol results in consistent and effective results for our patients. Many of our patients’ goals include success in school, productivity in the workplace, consistency in sports and better quality of life.