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Prior to beginning vision therapy, a patient is seen for one or more diagnostic evaluations by the doctor. This comprehensive assessment determines the medical diagnosis and identifies areas of strength and weakness in binocular vision, accommodation, eye movements and visual perceptual skills.


After the testing is complete, the doctor will prepare a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s visual system and will then review and interpret the test results to determine if there is a need for vision therapy. If vision therapy is indicated, the doctor will prepare an individualized treatment plan that will be discussed with the patient at the consultation appointment. The treatment plan, goals and expectations will all be outlined with the patient prior to beginning therapy.


Vision therapy sessions at our office will vary depending on the individual needs and goals of the patient. A typical treatment visit is sixty minutes, but accommodations can be made for patients with special needs and for those who have to travel a long distance. In addition, the patient may be given tasks to work on at home, between office visits.

The frequency and length of treatment also vary with the diagnosis. Some patients come as infrequently as once a week, while others may come as often as five times per week. Typically, we try to schedule our patients for two therapy sessions per week. Our therapy programs are individualized to meet the goals of each patient. When the patient follows the prescribed treatment plan, our success rate exceeds clinical standards!

Payment Options


Diagnostic Evaluation Fees are received at the time of service, but as a courtesy, we will bill your insurance plan for you so that the reimbursement is sent directly to you. Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and CareCredit, in addition to personal checks or cash.

If vision therapy is indicated and a treatment program is prescribed, our patient care coordinator will meet with you to find a financial arrangement that fits your needs.

Wow Vision Therapy offers multiple payment options, including CareCredit (zero interest for 18 months) and CareCredit (five years extended financing).

With over thirty years in practice, we have found that the greatest barrier to improving the lives of our patients and successful vision therapy treatment is consistency. When patients keep their appointments, treatment is successful and our patients reach their goals. It is for this reason that we offer multiple payment options so that weekly payments are never a barrier to successful treatment at Wow Vision Therapy. In addition, we have more creative options for those who have special needs.


Wow Vision Therapy provides you with the necessary written documentation to submit to your major medical insurance policy for reimbursement for both diagnostic evaluation and treatment.

Vision therapy is a medically necessary procedure and our team will provide you with a pre-authorization letter including diagnosis and procedure codes and a written narrative report by the doctor, as well as any other written documentation necessary to file a claim with your major medical policy provider.

International Patients

At Wow Vision Therapy, we strive to help all patients acquire improved vision abilities. Although the majority of our patients live near our clinical locations, we understand some individuals wish to travel over-seas to receive our world-class treatment. International patients, please read the following information about us and the treatment requirements. Click here for more info.