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Concentration and Ability to Stay Focused Have Significantly Improved

Jack has always excelled academically, but his standardized test scores for reading comprehension have never been at the level we knew he was capable of. His teachers over the years were never too concerned, as he excelled in the classroom and in other subjects, but a casual conversation with a friend who is a pediatric […]

Asa enjoys activities he had previously avoided!

At what I thought would be a routine annual eye exam, Asa was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency. His optometrist explained that not all doctors screened for this in a routine exam, but she knew the importance of doing so and the ramifications when it goes undiagnosed and therefore untreated. It wasn’t until she was in […]

Improved Handwriting, Reading, Comprehension and Sports

While in 1st grade, I noticed Raegan was a much slower reader than the other children her age, and she would frequently leave out small words such as: and, a, the. During the summer I took her to see the optometrist. She prescribed glasses, and was told that she had Convergence Insufficiency. The doctor recommended […]

Teacher Reported Great Gains

Robert initially was thought to have acuity issues at his well-child exam. He was then referred to an Optometrist, who then diagnosed him with Convergence Insufficiency. He could see 20/20. He had always struggled to read at grade level. He was always border line for intervention, making it even more difficult. His reading difficulties affected […]

Treating Amblyopia with 3-D Virtual Reality

Imagine the day when there will be effective “no eye-patch treatment for adults as well as children with amblyopia? In this video you will see that day is NOW at Wow Vision Therapy. Amblyopia, otherwise coined “lazy eye” is a serious vision disorder that impacts the lives of millions of children and adults. New research […]

Dr. Suess and the Wibbly-Wobbly Words

On March 2nd, the nation celebrated the birthday of the one and only Dr. Suess. Teachers across the country honored the beloved children’s author by reading his works in classrooms, and hosting activities and exercises to promote reading at any age, in any way. With his nonsense rhymes, invented words and colorful imagery, Dr. Suess […]