Angela Schleichert, COVT

Angela Schleichert, COVT

Certified Optometric Vision Therapist

Board Certified COVT – College of Optometrists in Vision Development

What I Enjoy Most About Working at Wow Vision Therapy

I originally learned about Vision Therapy in San Diego and fell in love with it while working with Dr. Hillier. Through my experience over the years, I have met many interesting people and learned far more than I ever imagined. It has allowed me to understand what others may be experiencing. Every day at Wow Vision Therapy, my job is rewarding because I consistently see how my work affects the lives of my patients. Having a master’s degree in education, I have a passion for helping others to excel in their own lives, which I am also able to do through Vision Therapy. I specialized in math and reading education, which is what a lot of our patients struggle with in school. By working on visual information processing and visual imagery, I am able to help these patients work through the challenges they face in school and in life.

My Interests Outside of Work

My husband and I love to travel! We are currently renovating an older home we just bought which takes up a lot of our time. Our two cats, Freddie and Frankie, keep us entertained on a daily basis. My other hobbies include reading, gardening, music, hiking, and creating.