Student-Athlete Baseline Vision Testing

The Student-Athlete Baseline Vision Testing is designed to provide parents with an essential baseline of key visual functions for their student-athlete before or during their season of play. By having baseline visual performance scores in areas involving eye tracking, eye teaming and eye focusing, before any potential blows to the head, these tests can be repeated to determine if there are diagnostic indications of a concussion. This 15-minute testing will help student-athletes detect any vision condition that may occur if the athlete experiences any physical harm during competition. The exam fee for this testing is $20. 

This testing will assess the following areas of vision:

  • Visual Acuity Testing (Eyesight) – A measurement of how clearly the patient can see.
  • Eye Tracking (Ocular Motility) Testing – A measurement of micro eye movement called saccades.
  • Eye Teaming (Binocular Vergence) Testing – A measurement of coordination and convergence of the two eyes.
  • Eye Focusing (Accommodation) Testing – A measurement of automatic eye focusing relating to the clarity of near vision and near visual attention.

The Student-Athlete Baseline Vision Testing is not an evaluation of eye health nor will it provide a prescription for eyeglasses. If the testing indicates that a child is at risk, a Developmental Vision Evaluation will be recommended.



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