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Hi-Tech provides the WOW… at Wow Vision Therapy

Effective vision therapy isåÊnot anåÊeye exercise or an eye muscle strengthening procedure. Rather vision therapyåÊåÊis a therapeutic process that develops the neuromuscular control of the visual brain through a process that is evidenced-based on neuroscience. The research shows that patients who engage in office-based vision therapy will develop lasting improvement in their visual function.

At Wow Vision Therapy a patient’s therapy session is one to one, doctor supervised optometric vision therapy. During the session the patientåÊis engaged in a variety of visual experiences that are designed to create a visual challenge and visual exploration betweenåÊthe patient and the therapist. The role of the therapist is to provide an experience that has just the right level of challenge, variety, increasing degrees of complexity as well as relevance so that the patient is exploring and building visual skills that become internalized and automatized.

Utilizing the latest technology and training is another reason why the patients at Wow Vision Therapy enjoy excellent outcomes. Plus it makes it fun too!

Here are a couple recent examples of the latest addition of new technology in treatment atåÊWow Vision Therapy…introducing the Sanet Vision Integrator.

In this example the patient is using the new Sanet Vision Integrator in an example of an oculomotor (visual tracking) procedure with visual motor reinforcement.

In this second example, the Sanet Vision Integrator incorporates saccadic eye movement (visual scanning) with word recognition, reinforced with visual motor integration.