Vision and ADD / ADHD

Within the classroom, 80% of learning materials are displayed through our vision system. If an individual’s vision is functioning improperly, it may become hard to learn. When learning becomes difficult, frustrations during homework may surface as well as poor attention/concentration in the classroom. Since these behaviors commonly link with ADD and ADHD, many doctors’ misdiagnosis the patient with this behavioral condition and exclude crucial vision screenings.

Possible Conditions

Vision is the dominant sensory system of the brain. Even with 20/20 visual acuity, an individual may still suffer from a vision condition, which affects their ability to read, concentrate on homework, and overall performance in the classroom. Symptoms like:

  • Concentration problems may result from an accommodative dysfunction, a vision condition that makes eye focusing difficult.
  • Headaches, double vision, and/or eyestrain may cause frustration during reading/homework actives as a result of a condition known as convergence insufficiency (CI) CI is an eye teaming condition which causes the eyes to drift outward when reading or during other up-close tasks.
  • If one is slow at reading or unable to keep their place on a page, they may have an oculomotor dysfunctionwhich is a deficiency in fixation, saccadic eye movement, and/or pursuit eye movements.
  • Often people experience vision problems after concussions or other brain injuries and may suffer from post-concussion vision syndrome.
  • If one cannot make sense of visually presented information, they may have a visual processing disorder.


Using the principles of neuroscience, Wow Vision Therapy treats these vision conditions at the source. We use state-of-the-art technology, ensuring our practices are provided with the most advanced treatment possible. This technology not only yields great success in our patients, it also makes therapy fun! Through our binocular vision therapy, we ensure real and lasting results for our patients who suffer from poor attention and concentration symptoms.


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