Amblyopia / Lazy Eye – No Patches, No Drops

At Wow Vision Therapy, we provide our patients with the most advanced patch-free treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) and age is not a barrier to success. If you or your child has amblyopia and you’ve been told the only treatment is an eye patch or “drops”, there is a better treatment approach that does not require patching or eye drops, is faster and has better outcomes. You can learn more about this safe and effective way to treat Amblyopia by checking out the Amblyopia Project, a VisionHelp Initiative, at Wow Vision Therapy is located in St. Joseph and Grand Rapids, Michigan. For information on how to schedule an evaluation, visit our website at

Appropriate treatments for children with autism, The Horse Boy…as special story

Children on the autism spectrum present with special challenges for parents and physicians. In Spring of 2008 The Horse Boy movie is scheduled to be released. In this griping father-son story we see how a child, Rowan Issacson and his parents, particularly his father come to grips with the developmental delays and behaviors associated with […]

What is Happening in a Vision Therapy Session?

What goes on in a vision therapy session? WebMD Daily helps to answer this question by a facinating video news story, entiled “Problem Child? Get Therapy for his Eyes. Find out more when you view the WebMD “webisode”. This will give you a sample of what is going on in a VT session and why […]

Convergence Insufficiency…What Does it Look Like?

Convergence Insufficiency (CI) is a diagnosis that can often be overlooked and yet have significant consequences for children…and adults. Patients can be missed if they are only tested for clarity of sight, eye health and lens testing for glasses. The child with Convergence Insufficiency will typically struggle in the classroom particularly with reading and attention […]

Who’s Looking Out for Kids?

Helping children with vision related learning problems is often recognized as a multidisciplinary collaboration. This week’s post comes from Advance for Occupational Therapists where the topic is particularly relevant as children begin back to school. Taking on Vision Advocacy in Schools By Paula Jarrard, OT/L Occupational therapists working in our nation’s schools engage in multiple […]

Is your Child Struggling in School?

August is National Children’s Vision and Learning Month 2007. In recognition of this important Public Awareness Campaign, EXCELerated Vision presents the following article, written by Barry Tannen, O.D.,FCOVD, FAAO, a leading expert in the field of children’s vision. Dr. Tannen lectures nationally and internationally on learning related vision disorders, strabismus, amblyopia and vision therapy. Could […]

Dear Abby Article Raises Awareness

Parents have told me, “Why is it, even when my child has struggled in school and reading, no one has ever suggested to me that there could be these types of vision problems?” Thanks to Dear Abby many parents have had the opportunity to find out about developmental vision problems and how they can effect […]

Success is Riding a Bike!

William came prepared to his 3 month progress evaluation. He brought his bike! Prior to vision therapy William could not ride his bike. This was a major frustration. While he finished his VT in February 2007 (the snowiest month of the winter), William shows us (along with his mother and vision therapist, Denise) how he […]

Stubborn…or needing VT?

Yesterday I was at Barnes and Nobles with my son Levi. There was this adorable little boy sitting by his mom reading a book out loud to her. He was begging his mom to let him stop reading. He just couldn’t sit still and had tears in his eyes, because she wanted him to finish […]

Why Vision Therapy? Reasons are very clear!

I just read Annette’s blog today.  I am blogging for the first time today. I did not really hesitate to agree to this blogging idea, when asked, because my son had such a positive experience with his Vision Therapy.  His therapist, Denise, was so helpful and gave him vision therapy activities that definitely matched both […]

Dyslexic…Not Anymore!

Do you know someone that has dyslexia? Well, if you do, I hope you will share my son’s story with them.Several years ago I was a home school Mom that was struggling to teach my son to read. No matter what I tried it didn’t seem to work. He would wiggle and squirm and just […]

To Blog Or Not To Blog…

Greetings, When I was asked to be one of the authors on this blog, my gut reaction was… NO WAY! I am a talker not a writer, and to make matters worse…I hate computers! BUT… I am very passionate about Vision Therapy and couldn’t pass up this opportunity to help others learn more about it. […]

Where Better Performance is more than 20/20

Welcome to the WoW Vision Therapy Blog. This site was established to offer a venue for parents, teachers and anyone who is concerned with a child who may be struggling with a developmental vision problem. Too often children (and adults too) suffer from undetected vision problems. These vision problems may be overlooked because the patient […]