Amblyopia / Lazy Eye – No Patches, No Drops

At Wow Vision Therapy, we provide our patients with the most advanced patch-free treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) and age is not a barrier to success. If you or your child has amblyopia and you’ve been told the only treatment is an eye patch or “drops”, there is a better treatment approach that does not require patching or eye drops, is faster and has better outcomes. You can learn more about this safe and effective way to treat Amblyopia by checking out the Amblyopia Project, a VisionHelp Initiative, at Wow Vision Therapy is located in St. Joseph and Grand Rapids, Michigan. For information on how to schedule an evaluation, visit our website at

Convergence Insufficiency (CI) or more severe forms such as strabismus is not just “kid stuff”

Binocular vision problems like Convergence Insufficiency (CI) or more severe forms such as strabismus is not just “kid stuff”. It affects adults equally as well. The result of a binocular vision problem can have a serious impact on an adult’s quality of life including the fundamentals of reading or in the case of more advanced forms, lead to […]

Historic Program at AOA Annual Meeting on 3-D Technology

We would like to recognize and commend the American Optometric Association for this groundbreaking program at the AOA Annual Meeting in Chicago last week. This historic program shows how 3-D technology is providing a mechanism to advocate and find help for patients with binocular vision problems. Check out this 5th segment in a five part […]

Better vision skills gives competitive advantage in sports and in life

All athletes want a competitive advantage. After all, the goal in most sports is to win! To the serious competitor, that competitive advantage is a result of hard work, body conditioning and practice at developing the fundamental skills that are unique to the sport. But what truly differentiates the good players from the great players […]

4th Annual Pediatric Symposium centers around the collaboration of OT and VT

On Saturday, May 12, 2012, I had the pleasure of being a keynote speaker for the 4th Annual Pediatric Symposium sponsored by Memorial Children’s Hospital – Children’s Therapy Center in South Bend and the Logan Center. My topic 2.5 hour lecture was entitled , Understanding the Role of Vision in Helping Children with SPD, ADHD, Autism, LD […]

Children with Autism: The Life Changing Results of Vision Therapy

How can vision therapy help a child with autism? In this video you will meet our patient Owen, a child with autism. See how vision therapy can be a very effective treatment for the developmental delays of the visual system associated with autism.

Severe Convergence Insufficiency – treatment prevents a lifetime of struggle

Thanks to his primary care optometrist who identified, diagnosed and referred for proper treatment, this young boy was able to find the help he needed. Ian presented to Wow Vision Therapy with a severe form of Convergence Insufficiency (CI). This condition if not identified and treated would have led to a lifetime of struggle. Dan L. […]

Convergence Insufficiency or ADD/ADHD?

Convergence Insufficiency is a vision disorder that affects nearly 1 in 12 children and has consequences to a child’s quality of life. This serious vision problem does not cause blindness, but it’s impact can be nearly as severe as shown by this video on The VisionHelp Channel… A real live example of this is told […]

Raising public awareness for children’s vision problems in 60 seconds

In 60 seconds and you will know why it is critically important to millions of children to find help that they need for their vision-related vision problem. Take a look… Help be an advocate for children with vision-related reading problems…pass it on! Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D,FCOVD

A look at convergence insufficiency and tracking problems…before and after vision therapy

Just as so many other children are affected (research shows 1 in 12) by this vision problem known as Convergence Insufficiency (CI), Josh also struggled. The impact on him was that he had double vision and loss of interest for reading. It also made it difficult for him to play baseball or most any ball […]

Lindsey Stull, O.D., FCOVD – Congratulations for her Board Certification

Wow Vision Therapy would like to acknowledge our Clinic Director, Dr. Lindsey Stull (center) in her recent accomplishment of attaining Board Certification in Developmental Vision and Vision Therapy through the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) during the COVD Annual Meeting in Las Vegas October 26-29, 2011.  Congratulating Dr. Stull in this photo is […]

A Call for Advocacy on Vision and Learning

From time to time there is a patient advocate who steps up and says, “enough is enough”! …meaning, more has to be done to help recognize children with vision related learning problems! In this video provided from Dr. Robert Lederman on YouTube, a family member speaks out about the importance of early recognition of children […]

Vision Therapy can give the competitive advantage!

Mack, who came into the office today for his vision therapy session, presented with some exciting news! Mack is a bright young man who likes sports but (before vision therapy) was inconsistent in his batting. Mack struggled with a common binocular vision problem that affects 1:12 children and adults leading to headaches, transient blur and […]

When visual dysfunction causes motion sickness

Do you know of a family member who is plagued with motion sickness when ever they go for an extended car ride? Recently I posted on The VisionHelp Blog the details of a visual problem that affects millions of people, coined The See-Sick Syndrome. Once diagnosed and treated, those with SSS can have life long […]

Progress in Vision Therapy…Patients lives tell the story

Over the last 3 decades I have worked with thousands of children and adults with binocular vision dysfunction and other visual brain related problems. Some of the most common conditions I have treated are the visual problems that involve poor eye coordination and visual processing ability. The impact of these visual conditions on a patients life […]

Accommodative Dysfunction – The 3 A’s of Eye Focusing that impact reading

The following is an abridged article written by Dr. Fortenbacher and recently published on The VisionHelp Blog. In the original post Dr. Fortenbacher describes a true story of one of his patients  “Jenny” who was referred for treatment for an Accommodative Dysfunction by her primary care optometrist. Accommodation, otherwise known as “eye focusing”,  is a vital visual function that provides the ability […]

Hi-Tech provides the WOW… at Wow Vision Therapy

Effective vision therapy is not an eye exercise or an eye muscle strengthening procedure. Rather vision therapy  is a therapeutic process that develops the neuromuscular control of the visual brain through a process that is evidenced-based on neuroscience. The research shows that patients who engage in office-based vision therapy will develop lasting improvement in their visual function. At […]

Asking the right questions critical to the right care in children’s vision

Have you ever wondered if what you see is really the right way of visually seeing the world? If you find all of your visual tasks to be pretty easy to accomplish, then you may never have thought that there is anything besides just being able to “see clearly”. Now, imagine being a child who in fact sees […]

MFBF treatment for amblyopia shows patching alone is not enough

MFBF is a technique we use to accelerate vision development through office-based treatment of our patients with amblyopia. This latest research (October 2010), from Current Biology, shows that this MFBF(monocular fixations in a binocular field) treatment methods are evidenced based in Neuroscience. Read more in this interesting VisionHelp Blog post written by Dr. Leonard Press. Research Support […]

Connor’s Story expressed in a Matthew West song…leads to Fox and Friends Sunday

What an amazing year it has been for Connor Caple. The Doctors and Staff at Wow Vision Therapy would like to congratulate Connor for all of his accomplishments and to his parents for staying strong throughout Connors years of frustration as a result of his reading and learning difficulties. Especially we would like to recognize […]

How “singular” vision warms the feet — a convergence insufficiency success story

My heart was touched and my feet will be warm thanks to the handcrafted gift that was created by our adult vision therapy patient, Julie Gibson. Julie presented today for her 3 month post-vision therapy progress evaluation and this is her story. Julie was originally referred to me about 7 months ago by her primary care optometrist, Dr. Henry […]