Amblyopia / Lazy Eye – No Patches, No Drops

At Wow Vision Therapy, we provide our patients with the most advanced patch-free treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) and age is not a barrier to success. If you or your child has amblyopia and you’ve been told the only treatment is an eye patch or “drops”, there is a better treatment approach that does not require patching or eye drops, is faster and has better outcomes. You can learn more about this safe and effective way to treat Amblyopia by checking out the Amblyopia Project, a VisionHelp Initiative, at Wow Vision Therapy is located in St. Joseph and Grand Rapids, Michigan. For information on how to schedule an evaluation, visit our website at

Strabismus: Fixing Aloise’s Gaze…A mother’s story

For those families whose child has esotropia strabismus, crossed-eyes, here is Aloise’s story. See the surprising chain of events that lead to Aloise’s parents finding out about vision therapy and the marvelous changes that they never expected!

Who is the VisionHelp Group?

Watch this short video to learn about VisionHelp, a group of developmental optometrists who are focused on raising awareness for developmental vision and vision therapy! Our very own founder of Wow Vision Therapy, Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, O.D, FCOVD has been a member of VisionHelp since it’s inception over 20 years ago. The mission of the […]

Fixing Aloise’s Gaze

In this short video you will see 6 year old Aloise overcoming her constant right esotropia (crossed eye). Take a look at Aloise show off her emerging ability to consciously straighten her eyes. This important “motor fusion” ( eye muscle control) is an essential step in her ability to gain “sensory fusion” which is her […]

AJ’s Story: Treating Developmental Delays with Vision Therapy

Take a look at AJ’s story and you will see how a child with developmental delays can also have vision-related delays that interfere with many areas of life. AJ is not alone as children with delayed vision development will typically show poor academic progress and struggle with many routine activities in daily living. While age […]

Domenic’s Story…Vision Problems Associated with Developmental Delays

“Developmental delays” is a common diagnosis for many children in our care at Wow Vision Therapy. In addition to office-based optometric vision therapy, helping children with developmental delays often requires a multidisciplinary approach, including occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy. In this short video, Domenic’s story is told by his father along with video footage of Domenic […]

Treating Developmental Delays with Vision Therapy

Nathan is a child who had a history of significant developmental delays. Before vision therapy he struggled with hyperactivity, lack of focus, poor balance and difficulty with gross and fine motor ability. But, now thanks to early intervention and a multidisciplanary approach involving vision therapy, OT and speech therapy, Nathan has caught up and even […]

CPA speaks out on her life changed through vision therapy

Most educational meetings for doctors involve presentations on the latest research and clinical insights by other doctors. But, at this year’s Annual Michigan Vision Therapy Study Group Meeting  on February 8, 2013, the audience of doctors and vision therapists had the opportunity to hear a presentation instead from a Certified Public Accountant…and in this case […]

What 3-D movies can tell you about your vision

The VisionHelp Group just produced and launched this 2 minute video to help the public understand how 3-D movies can be difficult to watch for individuals with binocular vision problems. Wonderfully done…take a look and enjoy Bobby’s story!

Advanced Amblyopia Treatment…better results at any age without patching

Drs. Fortenbacher, Stull and Tran presented a lecture to the Annual Michigan Vision Therapy Study Group on February 8, 2013 outlining the latest research in visual neuroscience and techniques to treat ambyopia regardless of age and without an emphasis on occlusion therapy (eye patching). The lecture featured one of our adult patients, Emily who at age […]

Vision rehabilitation to treat visual field loss post stroke

How does vision therapy help a patient who has suffered a visual field loss due to a stroke? Take a look at our patient Darlene who just complete her vision rehabilitation. She tells her story best…

New video answers common questions about vision therapy

One of the major obstacles in public awareness of Convergence Insufficiency is that this condition is clearly not a household word. Parents whose school-age child is newly diagnosed with CI frequently will ask, “Why did no one recognize this in my child earlier?” To address this  common question, our office has produced a video, entitled: […]

Vision therapy that helps teachers and kids thru

This video shows how our patients are applying their vision to help teachers and kids in classrooms obtain special tools for better learning opportunities.  For the past several weeks we have been organizing a competition involving some of …our patients and vision therapy activities.  Points scored in the competition translate into funds given to support […]

The Wow Vision Therapy Challenge to support children’s education begins!

This week kicks off the start of the Wow Vision Therapy Challenge to support children’s education. Our goal is to help children’s education projects through  in our region. We are  pleased to announce that our first selected project is  Ms. Kniebes-Wilmot’s technology project, “I Can See Clearly Now”,  at Coloma Elementary School. To make this even more […]

Headaches and vision problems…a patient perspective

When a child has trouble with binocular vision they will often experience headaches associated with reading and doing homework. But, who to say it better than the patient? In this 1.5 minute short video you will hear 6 of our patients tell their stories! Too many kids struggle with this treatable condition. While this may […]

Is it Autism or a Vision Problem?

At age 6.3 Hendrick was referred by his occupational therapist in South Bend, IN with a diagnosis of PDD NOS and high functioning autism. At his first examination with Dr. Fortenbacher, his mother reported that Hendrick would “melt down” when it came to reading and writing! His diagnosis was accommodative dysfunction, oculomotor dysfunction and delays in visual […]

What can Vision Therapy do for you?

In our effort to continue to improve the patient and public awareness of what vision therapy can do to help those with a need, we offer this, our latest video which answers many of the questions that, over the years, patients have often asked us. It is entitled: What can Vision Therapy do for you?

A New Outlook on Vision Therapy- a personal story

By:  Allyse Donarski When youths struggle academically or avoid sports, vision problems are likely to be the last thing parents consider.  Though vision therapy has been around for over 70 years, it still seems to be a little known answer for a range of problems. Vision therapy is known to improve many challenges such as […]

Optometry and Vision Therapy’s important role in the treatment of Autism

Ryan is a child with Autism. Like many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) they can also experience delays in vision development which  significantly exaggerates the severity of the spectrum of behaviors associated with their autism. Take a look and see Ryan’s progression throughout  9 months of office-based optometric vision therapy at Wow Vision Therapy. […]

Audrey walks taller thanks to vision therapy!

Binocular vision problems, like convergence insufficiency, can slowly and insidiously rob children of their confidence and self-esteem. The impact of years of near-centered visual stress causing headaches, double vision and loss of productivity in reading and homework took a toll on Audrey. Vision therapy at Wow Vision Therapy successfully restored full binocular visual function, eliminated her headaches […]

Lunch and Learn…Wow Vision Therapy and Children’s Therapy Center in South Bend

Yesterday Dr. Fortenbacher, along with Wow Vision Therapy’s Clinic Director, Dr. Lindsey Stull, and resident,  Dr. Tuan Tran presented to the staff at the Children’s Therapy Center at Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend. The program was part of the new “Lunch and Learn” educational series that provides a much more personal and interactive experience for the OTs, PTs and SLPs at […]