The Impact of Concussion on Vision…the latest video from VisionHelp

The Impact of Concussion on Vision is the latest installment  from the VisionHelp Group that brings together leading experts in vision development and rehabilitation along with the personal side of this issue because a young woman, Abby, tells her story about life after a concussion.

For Abby it was just another day riding in the car when suddenly and without warning she was T-boned. Her car flipped 3 times before she came to a stop. In many ways she was fortunate because she survived the crash. The doctors at the hospital told her to go home and get some rest. But, from that point on her world had changed. Her vision was no longer the same. She was dizzy and the room moved just as if she had gotten off a boat. She couldn’t work like she used to, it was very frustrating and it wasn’t simply going away with rest and time… until she sought vision rehabilitation.

Take a moment to watch this short video and learn how concussions can have a significant impact on a person’s vision and yet, with vision rehabilitation there is help.

For more information about this important issue of vision problems associated with concussion click here and  take a look at more content on the VisionHelp Blog.

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Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

Specialized treatment comes to Grand Rapids for children who struggle from vision and learning problems

One in 12 children struggle with serious vision problems that cause reading and learning problems yet those same children will pass the standard vision tests. Collin is one of these children who endured the struggle with frustration and lowself-esteem, but with his office-based optometric vision therapy treatment he has blossomed with new abilities and confidence!
Wow Vision Therapy is recognized as one of top specialty vision therapy practices in the US and is now open in Grand Rapids, Michigan on East Beltline! For more information take a look at our website at .
You can also learn more details on the impact of vision problems affecting learning by reading Dr. Fortenbacher’s VisionHelp article: How does it feel to have a vision related reading or learning problem?

Who is the VisionHelp Group?

Watch this short video to learn about VisionHelp, a group of developmental optometrists who are focused on raising awareness for developmental vision and vision therapy!

Our very own founder of Wow Vision Therapy, Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, O.D, FCOVD has been a member of VisionHelp since it’s inception over 20 years ago. The mission of the VisionHelp Group is to facilitate advocacy to end the senseless struggle through better vision for humankind.

Treating Developmental Delays with Vision Therapy

Nathan is a child who had a history of significant developmental delays. Before vision therapy he struggled with hyperactivity, lack of focus, poor balance and difficulty with gross and fine motor ability. But, now thanks to early intervention and a multidisciplanary approach involving vision therapy, OT and speech therapy, Nathan has caught up and even begun to excel! Take a look and hear from Nathan’s mother…

For more insights check out the post written by Dr. Dan Fortenbacher on the VisionHelp Blog entitled:

Good sight and bad vision…recognizing the difference and how to explain it to parents

Advanced Amblyopia Treatment…better results at any age without patching

Drs. Fortenbacher, Stull and Tran presented a lecture to the Annual Michigan Vision Therapy Study Group on February 8, 2013 outlining the latest research in visual neuroscience and techniques to treat ambyopia regardless of age and without an emphasis on occlusion therapy (eye patching).


The lecture featured one of our adult patients, Emily who at age 18 is a bright and talented young lady. In her senior year of High School she is also on the school’s swim team, a sport that she could excel, even with no depth perception. Yes, Emily’s story begins with stereo blindness.

Like so many patients who begin with occlusion therapy, the outcomes are often limited to modest improvement in visual acuity in the amblyopic eye (lazy eye) and little or no depth perception, with usually significant resistance by the patient.

Emily was referred to Wow Vision Therapy by her primary care optometrist for advanced amblyopia treatment, binocular vision therapy.  Listen to Emily describe in her own words in this video entitled, Emily’s story.

To learn more details about the Advanced Amblyopia Treatment paradigm,  you can view the Wow Vision Therapy 2013MVTSG Lecture – Advanced Amblyopia Treatment for faster and better outcomes, in a Slide Show video here:


The concluding 3 slides summarize the essense of the lecture



You can also download a pdf copy of Drs. Fortenbacher, Stull and Tran’s lecture by clicking here

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD


The Wow Vision Therapy Challenge to support children’s education begins!

This week kicks off the start of the Wow Vision Therapy Challenge to support children’s education.

Our goal is to help children’s education projects through  in our region. We are  pleased to announce that our first selected project is  Ms. Kniebes-Wilmot’s technology project, “I Can See Clearly Now”,  at Coloma Elementary School.

Ms Kneibes-Wilmot

To make this even more fun, our doctors and vision therapists have created a special vision therapy challenge involving 4 teams with 3 of our patients per team. That translates to 12 kids involved, competing in two categories of high-tech vision therapy activities. The Wow Vision Therapy Challenge will utilize The Sanet Vision Integrator in these two categories:

SVI1. Expanding Peripheral Visual Awareness

2. Rapid Visual Scanning

The winning team in each category will then have the opportunity to participate in the following week’s challenge..The Wow Ball Toss Challenge where scoring points in the game will translate into dollars donated by Wow Vision Therapy to Ms. Kniebes-Wilmot’s Classroom. It all starts on Monday, December 10, 2012!

Stay tuned and by all means we invite you to join in our cause. You too can help us support Ms. Kniebes-Wilmot’s class at DonorsChoose.