Specialized treatment comes to Grand Rapids for children who struggle from vision and learning problems

One in 12 children struggle with serious vision problems that cause reading and learning problems yet those same children will pass the standard vision tests. Collin is one of these children who endured the struggle with frustration and lowself-esteem, but with his office-based optometric vision therapy treatment he has blossomed with new abilities and confidence!
Wow Vision Therapy is recognized as one of top specialty vision therapy practices in the US and is now open in Grand Rapids, Michigan on East Beltline! For more information take a look at our website at www.wowvision.net .
You can also learn more details on the impact of vision problems affecting learning by reading Dr. Fortenbacher’s VisionHelp article: How does it feel to have a vision related reading or learning problem?

Vision and Learning – What every parent should know

A brand new and uniquely informative video from some of the leading US experts in the field of developmental vision who speak about the human brain and how vision problems can lead to reading and learning problems. This video also features one of Wow Vision Therapy’s patients, Reece and her father David who tells her story before and after vision therapy throughout interesting segments of the entire video. Dr. Fortenbacher, Founder, of Wow Vision Therapy is also a contributing expert in this important public awareness VisionHelp video.

Jayce’s Story…from struggle to confidence

Jayce’s Story…Hear from a young boy’s mother how vision therapy gave him a new outlook on reading and learning. Like so many children, when struggle turns to ease and success the emotional outcome is confidence! Too many children fight a senseless struggle with vision problems that affect reading and learning. If you agree we hope you will  share Jayce’s story.


Wow Vision Therapy: Using Skype to Treat Patients Long-Distance

Using Skype to help a long distance patient have access to care is an emerging new technology at Wow Vision Therapy. In this short video, we show our patient James and his parents, Joel and Gina, and their 700 mile journey of success as James completes his Skype vision therapy treatment. — at Wow Vision Therapy.

Strabismus: Fixing Aloise’s Gaze…A mother’s story

For those families whose child has esotropia strabismus, crossed-eyes, here is Aloise’s story. See the surprising chain of events that lead to Aloise’s parents finding out about vision therapy and the marvelous changes that they never expected!

AJ’s Story: Treating Developmental Delays with Vision Therapy

Take a look at AJ’s story and you will see how a child with developmental delays can also have vision-related delays that interfere with many areas of life. AJ is not alone as children with delayed vision development will typically show poor academic progress and struggle with many routine activities in daily living. While age is not a barrier to treatment, when caught early and treated with office-based optometric vision therapy, a child with vision related developmental delays can often times catch up and show the progress expected for their age. In this short video you will hear AJ’s parents describe their experience and AJ’s success at Wow Vision Therapy.

Domenic’s Story…Vision Problems Associated with Developmental Delays

IMG_2638“Developmental delays” is a common diagnosis for many children in our care at Wow Vision Therapy. In addition to office-based optometric vision therapy, helping children with developmental delays often requires a multidisciplinary approach, including occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy.

In this short video, Domenic’s story is told by his father along with video footage of Domenic while he was in vision therapy at Wow Vision Therapy. We invite you to take a moment of time and see if Domenic’s story resonates with you and if so, help pass it on so that those children with developmental delays can be recognized and provided the vision care that is so important to their future. We are also happy to provide answers to your questions if you wish to leave a comment.

Treating Developmental Delays with Vision Therapy

Nathan is a child who had a history of significant developmental delays. Before vision therapy he struggled with hyperactivity, lack of focus, poor balance and difficulty with gross and fine motor ability. But, now thanks to early intervention and a multidisciplanary approach involving vision therapy, OT and speech therapy, Nathan has caught up and even begun to excel! Take a look and hear from Nathan’s mother…

For more insights check out the post written by Dr. Dan Fortenbacher on the VisionHelp Blog entitled:

Good sight and bad vision…recognizing the difference and how to explain it to parents

Is it Autism or a Vision Problem?

At age 6.3 Hendrick was referred by his occupational therapist in South Bend, IN with a diagnosis of PDD NOS and high functioning autism. At his first examination with Dr. Fortenbacher, his mother reported that Hendrick would “melt down” when it came to reading and writing! His diagnosis was accommodative dysfunction, oculomotor dysfunction and delays in visual processing. In this video you will see Hendrick in action during vision therapy and hear his mother talk about his progress after only 21 sessions.

On Monday, November 12, 2012, Patricia Lemer, M.Ed will be in South Bend, Indiana lecturing on autism and vision and other related aspects. Her all-day PESI lecture is entitled: IN Vision Issues in Autism: More Than Meets the Eye Seminar. In addition, the Clinic Director from Wow Vision Therapy,   Lindsey Stull, O.D., FCOVD will be attending and offering some examples of vision therapy activities.

Dr. Lindsey Stull

Lindsey Stull, O.D., FCOVD

What can Vision Therapy do for you?

In our effort to continue to improve the patient and public awareness of what vision therapy can do to help those with a need, we offer this, our latest video which answers many of the questions that, over the years, patients have often asked us. It is entitled: What can Vision Therapy do for you?