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The Impact of Concussion on Vision…the latest video from VisionHelp

The Impact of Concussion on Vision is the latest installment  from the VisionHelp Group that brings together leading experts in vision development and rehabilitation along with the personal side of this issue because a young woman, Abby, tells her story about life after a concussion. For Abby it was just another day riding in the […]

Specialized treatment comes to Grand Rapids for children who struggle from vision and learning problems

One in 12 children struggle with serious vision problems that cause reading and learning problems yet those same children will pass the standard vision tests. Collin is one of these children who endured the struggle with frustration and lowself-esteem, but with his office-based optometric vision therapy treatment he has blossomed with new abilities and confidence! Wow […]

Vision and Learning – What every parent should know

A brand new and uniquely informative video from some of the leading US experts in the field of developmental vision who speak about the human brain and how vision problems can lead to reading and learning problems. This video also features one of Wow Vision Therapy’s patients, Reece and her father David who tells her […]

The Visual Consequences of when a Mild Concussion becomes a Severe Brain Injury.

Too many patients who have a “mild concussion” exacerbate into a more severe brain injury, resulting in severe visual problems, often weeks and months after the injury. To emphasize this serious public health issue, The Colloege of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) has proclaimed March as Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Speaking directly on this subject, […]

A young girl’s life of frustration when misdiagnosed with ADD

Frustrating? Yes. Upsetting? Of course! When a bright young lady has struggled for years at school, only to be assumed she had ADD. And just because her teacher suggested her behavior was probably ADD does not mean her teacher was at fault. Her behavior did look like ADD! But that is where the problem lies, […]

Jayce’s Story…from struggle to confidence

Jayce’s Story…Hear from a young boy’s mother how vision therapy gave him a new outlook on reading and learning. Like so many children, when struggle turns to ease and success the emotional outcome is confidence! Too many children fight a senseless struggle with vision problems that affect reading and learning. If you agree we hope […]

Wow Vision Therapy: Using Skype to Treat Patients Long-Distance

Using Skype to help a long distance patient have access to care is an emerging new technology at Wow Vision Therapy. In this short video, we show our patient James and his parents, Joel and Gina, and their 700 mile journey of success as James completes his Skype vision therapy treatment. — at Wow Vision […]

Who is the VisionHelp Group?

Watch this short video to learn about VisionHelp, a group of developmental optometrists who are focused on raising awareness for developmental vision and vision therapy! Our very own founder of Wow Vision Therapy, Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, O.D, FCOVD has been a member of VisionHelp since it’s inception over 20 years ago. The mission of the […]