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Amblyopia / Lazy Eye – No Patches, No Drops

At Wow Vision Therapy, we provide our patients with the most advanced patch-free treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) and age is not a barrier to success. If you or your child has amblyopia and you’ve been told the only treatment is an eye patch or “drops”, there is a better treatment approach that does not […]

Asa enjoys activities he had previously avoided!

At what I thought would be a routine annual eye exam, Asa was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency. His optometrist explained that not all doctors screened for this in a routine exam, but she knew the importance of doing so and the ramifications when it goes undiagnosed and therefore untreated. It wasn’t until she was in […]

Teacher Reported Great Gains

Robert initially was thought to have acuity issues at his well-child exam. He was then referred to an Optometrist, who then diagnosed him with Convergence Insufficiency. He could see 20/20. He had always struggled to read at grade level. He was always border line for intervention, making it even more difficult. His reading difficulties affected […]

Vision Impacts Several Areas of Life.

Vision therapy has improved Sydney’s functioning in five areas: driving, sports, penmanship, reading in the car, and remembering the location of items. Four-way stops and busy parking lots were difficult situations for Sydney. She did not seem to “take in the whole picture” quickly enough and needed extra time to make her decisions. Since her […]