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Dr. Suess and the Wibbly-Wobbly Words

On March 2nd, the nation celebrated the birthday of the one and only Dr. Suess.  Teachers across the country honored the beloved children’s author by reading his works in classrooms, and hosting activities and exercises to promote reading at any age, in any way.  With his nonsense rhymes, invented words and colorful imagery, Dr. Suess […]

Near-Double Vision: Understanding Why Your Child Struggles

When a child struggles in school, the biggest question for a parent to answer is “why?”  While setting up study plans and establishing goals can be effective, many parents discover that their child’s avoidance behaviors cannot simply be corrected by rules and expectations.  The child is frustrated with reading, and grades continue to drop, despite […]

ADD: Treating the Cause, not the Symptoms

Over the past several decades, ADD and ADHD have become some of the most common behavioral labels of our children today. In 2011, the CDC reported that approximately 11% of children 4-17 years of age (6.4 million in the US) have been diagnosed with ADHD. But how often do we stop and think about the […]

Asking the right questions critical to the right care in children’s vision

Have you ever wondered if what you see is really the right way of visually seeing the world? If you find all of your visual tasks to be pretty easy to accomplish, then you may never have thought that there is anything besides just being able to “see clearly”. Now, imagine being a child who in fact sees […]

Vision Therapy Reduces Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness occurs when the brain receives conflicting information from our senses.  A familiar example is watching a chase scene on the big screen.  Our eyes are telling the brain that we are in motion while our body is saying that we are sitting still in a dark theater.  While not everyone in the audience […]

Is it dyslexia, reading problems, letter reversals…or all of the above?

Visual-spatial integration is the ability of the brain to process visual input to develop an awareness of the body in space and its relationship to other objects. Children who have problems in this area often have trouble with reversals of letters or words, and may be quick to be labeled as “dyslexic.” While dyslexia is […]

How Sports Vision Therapy Can Transform You To An Elite Athlete!

With one of the biggest sports events happening today, Superbowl weekend may have you questioning what you can do to bring your sports performance to the next level of competition.  Arizona Cardinal’s wideout, Larry Fitzgerald has been having quite a successful season and defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau says,” I’ve never seen anybody catching the ball […]