Success Story: Improvement in Ability to See in 3D and Coordination

Chloe was born with cataracts in both eyes which caused poor vision.  She had surgery to remove them in one eye, but this did not improve her vision.  We were told by her doctor that nothing more could be done. Since she was older, they thought her brain could not be taught to interpret what she sees without the cataracts. We heard about Wow Vision Therapy and were excited to give it a try. Chloe’s vision has not only improved, but also her binocular vision has improved. Binocular vision helps with her coordination and being able to see in 3D. Miss Cheryl, Dr. Aubrey and Dr. Fortenbacher were great to work with and even though Chloe had to work hard she still had fun and enjoyed her therapy.  Jonelle (mother)

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